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1986 New Organizational Structure and Rules introduced by the CTF For the first time, various rules and regulations in respect to the organization of tournaments, the National Teams, the Ranking System, the Registration and trans

the beginning of 2003 he became No.1 of the ITF World Junior Rankings . Furthermore other junior players had excellent results. Baghdatis in September 2003 had an ATP ranking of 190 2004-2005 Marcos Baghdatis continued his excellent performance in 2004 and 2005. One of the most important successes in his career was his participation in the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens.

fer of players, the Interclub Tournaments and the Computerized ranking system were introduced by the CTF. 1986-98 Tremendous growth of Cyprus Tennis Local and International Tournaments Cyprus participates in the Davis Cup every year since 1985. The biggest victory came in 1997 in the Euro-Africa Zone IV round-robin ties during which, Cyprus was declared Champion of its Group and was promoted to Zone III.

Cyprus also participates in the Fed Cup, the ITF/ETA Development Champioships, the European Junior Tournaments (-14, -16, -18), the Copa del Sol and in a number of other international tournaments all around Europe. In addition to that, several International tournaments are organized in Cyprus every year, the most of important of which are the ITF Junior (-18)World Ranking Tournament (Group 4)âœAprodite Cupâ, the ITF Menâs Future $10.000 and the Cyprus Seniors International Tournament.

At the National level, CTF organizes the National Championships, the Junior National, the Troodos Open, the Interclub Championship and the Pancyprian and Open Tournaments organized by the Full and Associated members of the CTF. 1999 Inauguration of the National Tennis Center in Nicosia CTFs President Philios Christodoulou vision of a National Tennis Centre became a reality in the city of Nicosia.

Four tennis courts with a total capacity of 2.000 spectators, a multipurpose indoor hall and a gymnastic centre comprise a modern tennis facility aimed to further promote tennis in Cyprus. Also, ITF’s school tennis initiative, the Mini-Tennis was introduced in all major public elementary schools in Cyprus and tennis was included in the “Sports for All†programmed of the Cyprus Sports Organization. Introduction of the “Mini-Tennis” in public schools > 2000 5-year Strategic Plan by the CTF With the asssistance of the ITF and the TE, the CTF formulated a medium-term 5-year strategic plan, the first to be conceived by a Cypriot sporting federation. Impressive


tennis results by the junior champion Marcos Baghdatis.

Also, a Development Fund was set up by the CTF to support and reward the exceptional efforts and results by the countrys top junior players. Marcos Baghdatis at age 15, won the ITF Group 4 “Aphrodite Cup” for juniors under 18 becoming the first Cypriot tennis junior to reach such an achievement. Baghdatis ended the year with a world junior under 18 ranking of 27 and an ATP ranking of 1200 following his impressive performance which resulted in reaching the quarterfinals of the Cyprus ITF Futures $10.000 championships. 2001 Cyprus Tennis Federation’s Golden Jubilee Year The Golden Jubilee Year (1951-2001) was celebrated with many functions 1. The Annual General Meeting of the European Tennis Association (ETA) is held in Cyprus. 2. Inauguration of the National Tennis Center in Nicosia CTF’s President Philios Christodoulou vision of a National Tennis Centre (NTC) becomes a reality with the facility’s construction and inauguration. The NTC is based in the city of Nicosia and comprises of a modern tennis facility aimed to further promote tennis in Cyprus.

It includes four clay courts with a total capacity of 2000 spectators, a multipurpose indoor hall and a fully equipped gymnastic centre. The inauguration festivities were impressive and included among other things, the unveiling of the “Tennis Playerâ statue and the opening of a photographic exhibition “50 years of Tennis in Cyprusâ€. 2002-2003 Marcos Baghdatis Our junior player Marcos Baghdatis won many top-rated tournaments and he ended the year 2002 as No.2 while at

He won in the first round the French player Garage (No. 75) while he lost to the German Nicholas Kiefer (No.18) 2-1 sets. Regardless his defeat Marcos left the best impressions. After the Athens Olympic Games he participated in the US OPEN where he won all his qualification matches and then he competed against the French player Mutis and won in the main draw with 3-1 sets. In the second round Marcos played against the World Champion Roger Federer and succeeded to gain one set. Although Marcos was defeated by Federer, the American Broadcasting channels were very impressed by his performance and assured that he is having a great future in tennis. In 2005 Marcos participated in the Australian Open.

After winning 3 matches in the qualies he competed successfully against the Italian Luzzi, the Croatian Ljubicic (No.22) and the Spanish Robredo (No. 13). His accession stopped only when he faced again the World Champion Roger Federer where he lost 3-0 sets. Marcos was also the winner of Future Tournaments in Bolton and Tatra Banka Open in Bratislava where he beat Dominik Hrbaty in the final. His best performance was in October 2005 when he took the 2nd place at the Basel Davidoff Swiss Indoors ($829,000) who lost to Fernando Gonzalez (ATP No. 11) in a dramatic match (3-1) sets.

Following three victories in qualification matches, Marcos beat Alan Mackin(GBR) 2-0 sets, Tommy Haas(GER) 2-0 sets, Jose Acasuso(ARG) 2-0 sets and David Nalbandian (AGR) ATP No.11 2-0 sets. The above victories brought Marcos in the 55th place of ATP Ranking. Another Cypriot player Phodos Kallias had in 2005 excellent results. He won the Elite Cup (F3) and the Stirol Cup (F1) both in Ukraine whilst he reached the semi finals in Poland Future Tournament. 2006-2010 The years between 2006 -2010 are characterized by intense activity in the field of tennis. Our champion Marcos Baghdatis is still in the top 20 tennis player worldwide.

Tennis matches are shown by all the media, and our country after two successful meetings against Finland and Bulgaria in a packed National Tennis Center remains in the second group of Davis Cup.