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 Chronological Development of the Cyprus Tennis Federation 1900 First records of Tennis in Cyprus The first courts were built at the Houses of the English Commissioners in the towns of Nicosia, Limassol and Paphos and later in Famagusta. Courts were also built in various English Clubs all around the island 1913 The first tennis clubs in Cyprus Field Club, the first tennis club in Cyprus was founded in the area of the Ledra Palace Hotel in Nicosia by Helen Jane Luxmore Jeffery, wife of the Director of Antiquities Department, George Jeffery.Tennis Clubs were later founded in the towns of Larnaca, Famagusta and Limassol 1926 Tennis was included as an official sport in the Panhellenic (National) Games held in Limassol 1951 The Cyprus Tennis Federation (CTF) was founded The Cyprus Tennis Federation was founded on 17/1/1951. Its first President was Mr. R. De Glanville (until 28/2/51) followed by Costas Stephani (until 9/4/51) and later by Mrs. H.G.Richards (until September 1951) 1954Field Club moved to its present location Field Club moved to its present location and four tennis courts and a Club-House were constructed.

The official inauguration took place on 3/10/54 by the Governor of Cyprus and Lady Armitage in the presence of all

officials of Cyprus 1974 Famagusta Tennis Club occupied now by Turkish troops, following the invasion of Turkey to the island and is still unfortunately under occupation but now fully operational in Limassol. Following the Turkish invasion in 1974, the town of Famagusta was bombed and its population was forced to abandon the area and become refugees in their own country together with other 200.000 Cypriots. Famagusta Tennis Club lost its installations and became the firstrefugee tennis club. Following admirable efforts and determination by the people of Famagusta and its Club Council, the Club became active again as a member of the CTF with 10 tennis courts in Limassol.

The hope of returning to Famagusta remains alive. 1984 CTF becomes full member of ITF, TE and COC The CTF became a full member of the International Tennis Federation (ITF), the European Tennis Association (TE) and the Cyprus Olympic Committee (COC). 1985 Cyprus participates for the first time in the Davis Cup Competition The first Davis Cup tie (Cyprus vs. Ireland) was held at Field Club in Nicosia. It was the first appearance of Cypriot tennis players in this prestigious event with Ireland defeating Cyprus 4-1.