Following the launch of IPIN two months ago, please take note of the below important information:

  • IPIN: A valid Beach Tennis IPIN is required in order to compete in ITF Beach Tennis tournaments. Click here to register. Players without an IPIN will not be permitted to enter tournaments.
  • Circuit selection: If you are looking to play ITF Beach Tennis tournaments ONLY, please ensure to only select Beach Tennis. Do not select any other circuit or you may be charged more than US$30.
  • Rankings and IPIN match-up: The rankings that appear on the ITF website are based on playing history and are by default not linked with IPIN. The match-up process between your IPIN account and your correct ranking is a key step in order for your ranking to appear within IPIN and be available for tournament entry.
  • Necessary steps: To enable a faster match-up process, please send us an email with the last 4 ITF tournaments you have played. This additional verification will allow us to match your playing history to your IPIN account.
  • Multiple ranking records: If you have more than one ranking record, please let us know when sending through your last 4 tournaments so that we can look to merge all records into one account.
  • Entry Deadline: In order for your ranking to show on the acceptance list, the match-up process MUST be done prior to the Entry Deadline (Thursday, 11 days prior to the Monday of the tournament week). The acceptance lists cannot be reconfigured after the Entry Deadline.
  • Post Entry Deadline: If a player misses the Entry Deadline, there are two options: 1) Contact the tournament organisation to apply for a Wild Card. 2) Turn up at the tournament as an On-Site Alternate. The Referee will deal with these entries on-site, providing that there is space in the draw.
  • Seeding: Seeding is based on the rankings released on Monday, 7 days prior to the Monday of the tournament week.

The past few months have been critical in the transition from a fully manual system, to a digitalised circuit, and we take this opportunity to thank you for your cooperation and patience during this period. Please do continue to report any issues which we will work to resolve as soon as possible